Coaches comment about their teams at Women’s Cup

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, September 12, 2021 – The coaches of the six teams participating in the 19th Women’s Pan American Cup commented about the characteristics of their squads during the preliminary inspections carried out by the Control Committee of the event on Sunday. 

Sunday 12 de September del 2021 13:00 PM

Shannon Winzer (Canada): “We have mostly players from our Next Gen Team who are exciting young players who will make impact for Canada in the next four years. We do have some senior players to help the unexperienced ones. Those players took part in the Nations League and in the NORCECA Championship.” 

Joel Olazabal Herrera (Cuba): “We have a young team that was going to participate in the U-20 World Championship but then we got complicated by the pandemic. Our goal is to give these girls a chance to play as they have not played in a tournament since 2019 and are eager to play. The goal is to reach the highest possible place, get points for the ranking and battle against the other teams”. 

Marcos Kwiek (Dominican Republic): “We have a roster of 21 players and our plan, since we are playing at home, is to put daily a competitive team while giving opportunity to the younger players so the fans can know them. We have big responsibility as we just won the NORCECA Championship and need to handle that pressure while giving a good volleyball show for the fans to enjoy.” 

Rafael Petry (Mexico): “Our team is a blend of experienced players with players from the U23. Our goal is to go for the top positions in the competition while continuing the process of development and evolution. I took the team last May and we have clear objectives of development improving the volume of game of the players giving the chance of adding kilometers to their game.” 

Carlos Felipe Rodriguez (Puerto Rico): “We are bringing only two players who were part of the team that won the silver medal at NORCECA tournament. Most of the players are going to have their first international experience at this level. The team trained together only for one week but we are here to represent our country giving our first effort.” 

Karch Kiraly (United States): “We are excited to see what this young group of Americans can do at the 2021 Pan American Cup. Some of them are very young with not so much experience. It will be just a learning and developing opportunity for them.” 











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