Andy Leonardo Most Valuable Player of the Men’s Central American Cup

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, November 5, 2021. - Opposite hitter Andy Leonardo Blanco of Guatemala was named the Most Valuable Player of the twenty first Men’s Central American Volleyball Cup.

Friday 05 de November del 2021 23:00 PM

Andy Leonardo received the honors during the awarding ceremony after Guatemala won their third title in a row defeating Costa Rica in the gold medal match. Also from Guatemala, Gerardo González was named the Second Outside Hitter.

From the runner up, the Best Opposite Hitter was handed to Gilberth Solano alongside Emmanuel Villarreal as Best Receiver.

The Best Scorer of the event was Karym Coleman of Belize, and his teammates Francis Hauze and Bryton Codd received the awards of First Outside Hitter and Best Server respectively.

Juan Carlos Vargas was named the Best Setter and Diego Guidos the Best Second Middle Blocker, both from El Salvador.

Miguel Castillo of Nicaragua was the Best Libero and Best Defense.






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