New One-Year Countdown to Tokyo Olympics Begins

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 23, 2020 - With the new schedule of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 confirmed last week for the new dates in 2021, the clock resets today, with exactly one year to go until the Opening Ceremony.

Thursday 23 de July del 2020 09:00 AM

The volleyball and beach volleyball tournaments begin on July 24, 2021 - the very next day after the Opening Ceremony, featuring the cream of the world that will keep fans on edge for the next fortnight.

And while the indoor tournament has not been affected, since the qualification process and formation of pools was already completed when the postponement was decided, for the beach event things remain very much in full swing.

The deadlines for qualification to make up the 24 teams per gender in the beach tournament have been extended, to reflect the new dates of the actual Games, both for the qualifying path through the Olympic Ranking and through the Continental Cup.

Only Japan as hosts, plus Russia (as 2019 world champions), and Italy and Latvia (as winners of the 2019 Tokyo Qualification Tournament) have secured their presence at the men's beach volleyball tournament of the Olympics.

And in the women's tournament it's only hosts Japan, 2019 world champions Canada plus Spain and Latvia through the 2019 Tokyo Qualification Tournament that have confirmed their presence in Tokyo.

The remaining twenty spots per gender are still up for grabs, promising a very exciting year leading up to the Olympic Games.

All volleyball matches of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be held at the newly constructed Ariake Arena. The beach volleyball tournament will be held in a purpose-built temporary venue at Shiokaze Park.



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