United States beat Colombia

CHICLAYO, Peru, July 6, 2019 - The United States achieved its first triumph of the XVIII Pan American Women's Cup with a 3-0 (25-18, 25-18, 25-21) decision against the brave team of Colombia, in the second match of the Pool B that culminated the opening day here.

Saturday 06 de July del 2019 22:30 PM

Karsta Lowe, with 18 points, led the United States, with Rishel Kingdon contributing 15 and 11 of Hannah Tapp. For Colombia, Segovia Dayana scored 9 and Amanda Coneo added 8..

The United States were superior in attack 53-31, in block 8-4 and in serve 3-2, but they gave 20 points for errors, for 11 of their opponent.

Micha Hancock, captain of the United States: "We started well, we did a good job, but we finished better. Colombia played with a good defense, the truth is that they played better than we expected. We are adapting to play together, but chemistry and team play was the best today. "

Roberto Browning, coach of the United States: "I think we did not play as well as we can, but we played stable and this team (Colombia) is very good, does a lot of things well, is preparing well for today's game and what we did well is that we maintained an appropriate and constant level. It's the first game as a team for us, it's the first time they've played together and I think they played well, especially when the game progressed, we improved."

Antonio Rizola, coach of Colombia: "I think we played a good game, it's a strong group... our players were tense and very anxious, we still played well, we had sequences of four, five mistakes and that's the difference; the experience of the United States team was key. There was good defense, good serve and good attacks in our first game. I am sure that if we play them later it will be a better match. "



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