Service and block of the United States downed Mexico

CHICLAYO, Peru, July 8, 2019 - United States got its third win in a row by winning 3-0 (25-11, 25-18, 25-19) against Mexico (1-1), with good service and effective blocking in the last game of Group B of the Women's Pan American Cup.

Monday 08 de July del 2019 20:00 PM

The United States blocking made a notable difference with 13-0 over the Mexicans, and they added 9 points per service, including 4 from captain Micha Hancock.

The United States players shared the work, Kadie Rolfzen with 13 points, 12 from Karsta Lowe, 11 from Hannah Tapp and 10 from Rachael Adams, while Mexico had Yarenia Gutiérrez to their best scorer with 11 points.

Hancock said "I think we started strong, we knew how to make a good game. The team is playing as we expect, but there are always things to see and correct, now Puerto Rico is a great opponent and we hope to have a good result. "

Sashiko Sanay, captain of Mexico: "We improved with respect to the game of Trinidad and Tobago, although today we fail a lot the service that is not favorable, because once we make a mistake it becomes a streak. The good thing that stands out is that there was more blocking, more chances of attack even though they have a very good structure and even then we were able to execute ".

Robert Browning, coach of the United States: "I like how we started, with a lot of energy and concentration, as if it were for the Championship ... and we want to always play like that, as if it were the final. We started well with the blocking, with the service we put a lot of pressure on Mexico, although we failed in the second set, but we closed better in the third. "

Claudio Torres, coach of Mexico: "We went from less to more, especially when the girls realized they could play without pressure, it was all gain, especially against this team that is an experience we always need. We did it well, but their service is strong and makes you suffer. "

"The receptions were complicated, the United States has a strong service, but to have a player over 10 points, I think it's very good."

The United States has rest on Tuesday, but Mexico will face Puerto Rico at 6:00 p.m. in the Cerrado Coliseum of Chiclayo.

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