Crushing victory for Colombia against Trinidad and Tobago

Chiclayo, June 9, 2019. Colombia crushed 3-0 (25-8, 25-8, 25-8) to Trinidad and Tobago, achieving its first triumph of the XVIII Women's Pan American Cup for two defeats, at the start of the fourth day of Group B.

Tuesday 09 de July del 2019 18:27 PM

The Colombian team did not have much demand, taking advantage of Amanda Coneo and Dayana Segovia to lead the attack, although they also made a difference in the blocking.

María Alejandra Marín, captain of Colombia: "Colombia today knew that I had to enter the court better than in the previous games, make fewer mistakes and that's what we did. We played very concentrated, very serious, knowing that Trinidad is a very young team like us, that makes many mistakes, but that has many surprises, with a very high block and we had to play fast so that our attackers were left with only one blocking".

"The game with Mexico is very important, we fought the pass to the quarterfinals and I think we have to go in as well."

Antonio Rizola, coach of Colombia: "This match served to show respect to the opponent. We know the difficulty of Trinidad and Tobago, a very young team that did not prepare for this tournament. The opportunity for us is to play seriously, this means respecting the opponent, making few mistakes and we comply in that sense ".

Colombia will play against Mexico at 4:00 p.m. while Trinidad and Tobago played four games of group B.

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