Coaches look forward to start Men’s Pan American Cup

COLIMA, Mexico, June 15, 2019. - The twelve coaches of the participating teams at the XIV Men's Pan American Cup look forward to start the competition on Sunday at the Multifunctional Auditorium in Colima, Mexico.

Saturday 15 de June del 2019 15:00 PM

Fabián Muraco, Argentina: "There are some players from the past edition; they add experience to the team. We always play with passion up to the end. Our new technical staff prepared a competitive chronogram to be here, at the VNL, at the Pan American Games and the Pre-Olympic".

John Barrett, Canada: "We will try and win every match, play as hard as we can with respect for our opponents. The competition here is very good, giving us the opportunity to evaluate our players in an international scene and see their potential".

Daniel Nejamkin, Chile: "My team had a preparation match against Portugal in Chile before the VNL, another one against Argentina's VNL team and with the one competing here; and finally against Mexico. The match against Dominican Republic is crucial, that will determine our pool position and where we´ll be competing the rest of the tournament".

Nicolás Vives, Cuba: "We are in preparation for the Pan American Games, our most important event. Our goal is to win every match with no pressure; we are in a preparation stage".

Alexander Gutierrez, Dominican Republic: "This is a completely renovated team, even with two players that will play in the U-19 Worlds. We are aiming to build solid bases for a more stable senior program and improve our position (tenth) from the past edition".

Reider Lucas, Guatemala: "Very satisfied to keep competing at this level, this is a high quality event that helps us to continue developing our volleyball. My team is here to make the best out of the event, even if our pool is really tough".

Jorge Azair, Mexico: "Glad to host the event, the fans support is very important for our development, promotion and motivates us to go for the gold medal. My team is mature, with many years together; there are some young players with lots of energy that make a good combination for our preparation for Pan-American Games and the Pre-Olympic".

Diego Recavarren, Assistant coach Peru: "Our team has shown a lot of progress, we finished a preparation tour in Dominican Republic and Cuba; important international matches. We hope the guys do their best to improve our position from the past edition".

Jamille Torres, Assistant coach Puerto Rico: "We are coming from a good performance in the Challenger in Cuba, with a U-21 team, a project preparing for the future. There is no way to say if the team is fine or not until we test them and this is the opportunity to do it".

Roberto Joval, Suriname: "As newcomers we are glad to be here, we prepared well because we know that there only big names here. We came to play good and we came for the experience, if we pick a game it will be a great celebration".  

Gideon Dickson, Trinidad and Tobago: "We had to make serious adjustments just to be here, we are thankful for the opportunity. Because we've had so much years of experience competing at this level our team will go out and represent well, accept the results but leaving everything out on the court everyday".

Milan Zarkovic, United States: "This is a new team we've been preparing together for four weeks, but the players are in action all the time. We are coming from the country that is one of the best volleyball teams in the world so we expect to be the best that we can be".




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