Teams ready to battle in Sub 18

Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica.- November 18, 2019. The XIII U18 Central American Women's Volleyball Championship is ready to start this Tuesday, November 19, in this city, after finishing the preliminary interview conducted by the President of Afecavol, Edgard Alvarado and José Luis Jiménez, Secretary General of Afecavol.

Tuesday 19 de November del 2019 07:00 AM

The coaches of the six participating countries talked about the importance of this tournament that marks the way for future selections, as well as serving to instill values and raise awareness of the new players.

José Fontés, from Belize: "We have a young team, we have some players who were in School Games, in addition to eight players who were in the U20 in Honduras; I think it is a team with a lot of future, but also a reality, we come to compete and fight every game to win. The work that begins here is to demand, not only to play for play, but to feel that they are players and that they know how to value and define the actions ".

Henry Rodríguez, from Costa Rica: "The Costa Rican team has been very well prepared, they have trained for quite some time and they have also played a lot. They are players who in 3-4 years will be National Team players and have a very good technical level; some of them have played the local tournament that extensive and have a high volume of play. In these ages it always happens that there is pressure, they are local, but I hope they impose themselves on that. This event is almost the most important in the high performance pyramid for national teams".

Sady López, from El Salvador: "It's a very difficult category, the group is new, they haven't had experience, for most of them it's the first time in an international tournament. We have made aware that they come to represent a country, to give the best of each of them, in order to achieve an objective that is to be among the first three places. The emotional aspect affects a lot, there are many ups and downs, they do not maintain a rhythm of play, suddenly the team falls, and it is due to lack of experience. "

David Aldana, from Guatemala: "This group that has come together has a lot of talent, the way of preparation has been totally changed, they have also instilled a bit of the values of the past such as greeting or fraternizing, concepts such as maximum concentration must be planted and that they are representing their country. The fact of bumping into someone big may be that it motivates them to play better or lowers them, and in that the concentration is fundamental ".

Caterine Leiva, from Honduras: "We have prepared quite well, we only have two players who repeat in this category, we have 10 rookie players, but they are very dedicated and responsible girls, who have given their best effort in each training and come to reap the fruit of this work that has been done. We come with good expectations, they are girls but they have to learn to play as women. We have to play with everything, we come to fight, we are the champions of this category ".

Claudia Noguera, from Nicaragua: "This category is very important because from here will come players who have a future in the other teams. We believe that we have a good base, they have been developed in national volleyball, in junior and mini volleyball categories, even some were in Sub 23 and children. It's hard to stay focused, emotionally there are casualties and ups in the same game, but that's what it's all about, working with them especially the attitude within the game. "


Game calendar day 1

Siglo XXI Gym, Ciudad Quesada

Tuesday, November 19

15:00 Honduras v Belize

17:00 Guatemala v Nicaragua

19:00 Open Ceremony

19:30 Costa Rica v El Salvador

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