Dowshel Mc Donald Smith, Most Valuable Player of the U19 Central American

Managua, November 2, 2019.- Costa Rica's captain and outside hitter, Dowshel Mc Donald Smith, received the Most Valuable Player award of the 13th U19 Central American Men's Volleyball Championship, leading his team to the title undefeated.

Sunday 03 de November del 2019 09:00 AM

Mc Donald Smith was unstoppable throughout the tournament, scoring 95 points, highlighting his reach in both blocking and attack, as well as his effective serves, being the Best Outside Hitter 1, while his teammates, Relly Díaz, stayed with the Best Middle Blocker 1, while Anderson Barbosa, was the Best Receiver.

Kaelen Ingram of Belize was the top scorer and best opposite. Daniel Ralón, from Guatemala, won the awards for Best service and Best Setter, Francisco Gamboa as Best atack 2. Meanwhile, Gustavo Ortiz, was Best Blocker 2 for El Salvador and his partner Fernando Navarro, as Best Libero. For Honduras, Alejandro Funez was the Best Defense.


Individual awards

MVP - Dowshel Mc Donald Smith - CRC

Best scorer - Kaelen Ingram BIZ

Best Service, Daniel Ralón - GUA

Best Receiver, Anderson Barbosa, of CRC

Best Setter, Daniel Ralón - GUA

Best Outside Hitter 1- Dowshel Mc Donald CRC

Best Outside Hitter 2 - Francisco Gamboa GUA

Best Middle Blocker 1 - Relly Díaz CRC

Best Middle Blocker 2 - Gustavo Ortiz, ESA

Best Opposite - Kaelen Ingram, BIZ

Best Defense - Alejandro Funez, HON

Best Libero - Fernando Navarro ESA

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