Costa Rica wins 3-1 over El Salvador

CIUDAD QUESASA, Costa Rica, November 19, 2019 - Costa Rica won 3-1 (25-12, 25-8, 24-26, 25-11) to El Salvador in the closing match of the first day of the XIII Central American Championship U18 Girls' Volleyball.

Wednesday 20 de November del 2019 08:37 AM

The home team which had the support of their fans who arrived at the Siglo XXI Hall, showed their strength in the offensive since the beginning of the game, with powerful attacks by Chiara Boninsegna, Angelica Rodriguez, Asly Rodriguez, although the whole team saw action on everything in the third set.

For El Salvador Rebeca Siliezar gave more strength to the attack by the corner, while Isabella Portillo marked the blockade by the central part next to María Rodríguez.

Henry Rodriguez, coach of Costa Rica: "We put several players on the court to take away their fear, they started a little nervous since it is their first time and even more they are at home. They trusted each other, I had warned them we couldn't trust each other and that happened. It was about putting a little more courage, we have already trained all kinds of situations and the pressure that El Salvador put on is good to improve. "

Sady López, coach of El Salvador: "We have a very inexperienced team, they need more experience, they started very nervous, anxious to do things well and that led them to make mistakes. In the third set, the recovery was very good, same in the fourth, I can't complain about the group and I think it was a good game, they fought, but we had many ups and downs."



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