Angelica Rodríguez MVP of the U-18 in Central America

QUESADA CITY, Costa Rica, November 23, 2019 - Costa Rica's opposite attacker Angelica Rodriguez won the trophy as the Most Valuable Player of the XIII Volleyball U18 Central American Championship.

Sunday 24 de November del 2019 08:00 AM

Rodriguez was also the Best Opposite of the tournament, as he was unstoppable in attack. Marilyn Vides of Costa Rica was the First Middle Blocker.

Belize's players, a team that showed great technical growth, won seven awards: Best Receiver to Jayda Smith, Iman Safa as Best Setter, Olivia McKenzie as Best Second Middle Blocker, Bruce Gareth as Best Outside Hitter and Top Scorer, and Sofia Solano as Best Libero and Best defender.

Dazly Durán of Honduras, won the trophy as Best Server and Second Best Outside Hitter.


Best players

Most Valuable Player: Angélica Rodríguez CRC

Best Setter: Iman Safa BIZ

1st Best Outside Hitter: Gareth Bruce BIZ

2nd Best Outside Hitter: Dazly Durán HON

1st Best Middle Blocker: Marilyn Vides CRC

2nd Middle Best Blocker: Olivia McKenzie BIZ

Opposite Hitteer: Angelica Rodríguez CRC

Best Libero: Sofia Solano BIZ

Best Server: Dazly Durán HON

Best Receiver: Jayda Smith BIZ

Best Defender: Sofía Solano BIZ

Best Scorer: Gareth Bruce BIZ


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