Puerto Rico announces women’s team for qualifier

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, November 15, 2018 - The Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation announced the female team that will represent the island in the last qualifier to the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru.

Thursday 15 de November del 2018 18:46 PM

There are just a few changes from the team that participated in the FIVB World Championship in Japan.

Seven of the players are currently out of the country and will be reporting at the end of December, it was announced.

Those players are Natalia Valentín, Raymariely Santos, Daly Santana, Stephanie Enright, Ana Sofía Jusino, Julymar Otero and Pilar Marie Victoriá.

"We have made contact with each one of them in order to coordinate their move to the island," said Dr. Cesar Trabanco, president of the Puerto Rican Federation.

The other players invited to join the training camp are Karina Ocasio, Shara Venegas, Valeria León, Adriana Viña, Neira Ortiz, Diana Reyes, Legna Hernández and Paulina Prieto.

Regarding the absent of Noami Santos, Alba Hernandez and Shirley Ferrer, Trabanco said: "They were invited, we respect their reasons and what they mentioned to justify their absence."

The qualifying tournament to the Pan American Games Lima 2019 will take place from January 4-6 at Roberto Clemente Coliseum with the participation of the teams from Cuba, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago and Puerto Rico.

The winner of the tournament gets the ticket to the event in Peru.



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