AFECAVOL held its 2020 General Assembly

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, March 7 2021. - The Zonal Assocciation of Central American Volleyball Federations AFECAVOL held its virtual 2020 General Assembly on Saturday with the active participation of NORCECA President Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz.

Sunday 07 de March del 2021 10:00 AM

The Assembly approved AFECAVOL President Felix Sabio report, as well as the Financial and working Commissions reports, and a new AFECAVOL Constitution along with a 2021 competition calendar.

In his opening words, Félix Sabio indicated “after the world was on pause during 2020 and that forced us to suspend volleyball, I am satisfied with what AFECAVOL has constructed; thank you to my team’s commitment to reach our goals, we are a more dynamic organization in its structure, as well as the absolute and constant support of NORCECA President Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz”.

Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz expressed that each of us has faced the world crisis with courage and the activities of NORCECA have continued, “we have learned to communicate digitally, allowing us to exchange ideas, uniting us more and continue to execute the FIVB Development Program for National Federations”.

Marte Hoffiz added that NORCECA continues to serve and provide the needs of all its affiliates, while recognizing the members of AFECAVOL leadership in NORCECA’s working commissions, putting Central America as a foremost and stable sports organization.

The Assembly also approved its 2021 competition calendar, coming from a proposal of the Technical Commission and the consent of the seven National Federations members of AFECAVOL, but can only be accomplished if the Covid-19 conditions allow it.


AFCAVOL 2021 calendar:

XX Central American Senior Beach Volleyball Championship in El Salvador from September 15-20

XIII Central American U21 Beach Volleyball Championship in Guatemala from September 30 to October 4

XXI Women’s Senior Central American Cup in Nicaragua, from October 15-24

XXI Men’s Senior Central American Cup in Guatemala from November 28 to December 4


Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz asked for the schedule to be reviewed with that of the NORCECA Confederation that is son to be decided under the current circumstances.

The preparations of a Beach Volleyball Central American Tour were also discussed and the possibility to be part of the NORCECA Tour, as well as a four year plan to form new national, regional, continental and international referees.

The Legal Commission coordinated by AFECAVOL and NORCECA General Secretary Carlos Enrique Santis Rangel presented the Association’s new Constitution in accordance to that of NORCECA and the FIVB.

Before the Assembly’s closure, the proposal of Felix Sabio of naming the Administrative Secretary Prof. José Luis Jiménez Lao as Honorary General Secretary of AFECAVOL was approved, in recognition of his valuable contribution that has benefited volleyball in Central America.

Felix Sabio closing words stated that the Assembly leaves them all with important tolos and much work to be done “I am grateful and satisfied with my working team, I am sure that we will achieve our goals”.

Cristóbal Marte expressed “I am honored and also satisfied with the work presented by AFECAVOL, we will gradually recover Volleyball and Beach Volleyball place in the entire NORCECA region”.


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