Haitian Federation honored Jacques Joachim

PORT OF PRINCE, Haiti, February 4, 2021 - The Federation Haitienne de Volleyball, paid tribute to Jacques Joachim and honored his life-long dedication to the game of volleyball which started with his first reintroducing it to Haiti in the mid-1960’s and then, serving as the president of the NF for close to three decades.

Thursday 04 de February del 2021 08:00 AM

In a festive atmosphere, where three generations of volleyball players had an opportunity to meet again and enjoy each other, 12 speakers took turn in testifying how Jacques, the serene and soft-spoken father figure, had played a major role in their athlete and personal life and each was immensely grateful to him for his guidance and for the pure moments of joy he brought them throughout his tenure. 

Seven former players, living outside of Haiti, also sent in their statements and testimonies. And to top it all, NORCECA’s president, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, in a heartfelt statement, retraced Jacque’s history with NORCECA, as one of its founding members and the imprint he left on the regional organization of which he is today an Honorary Vice President.

Jacques was overwhelmed by the affection and love outpouring from all those present and when testimonies were over, a nice brunch was served to the sound of live music.   A tribute to a great man which was to last three hours eventually lasted six.

Thank you, Jacques, for all you’ve given us, for the nice memories, for your life of dedication to volleyball.



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