Crisis creates an opportunity

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, September 25, 2020 - In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic the CAZOVA and ECVA referee commissions used the opportunity to help the development of the referees in their region.  On September 17th, 2020 the team held a web conference meeting with Mr. Guy Bradbury a member of the FIVB Rules of the Game and Referee Commission and Secretary of NORCECA Referee Commission. 

Friday 25 de September del 2020 07:00 AM

Moderating the session was Mr. Mushtaque Mohammed president of CAZOVA, NORCECA Vice President and President of the FIVB Development Commission while Mr. Cheryll Rojer and Mr. Reginald Willemsberg presidents of the CAZOVA and ECVA Referee Commissions, respectively, also participated.

Some of the topics discussed were the process to become a Continental referee and how a national referees can prepare him/herself to participate in a continental referees’ course.  The principles and the mindset of being a good referee was highlighted as one prepare to officiate in a game no matter the level of the match, national or international.  

Also discussed was the recent development on the role of Referee delegate/supervisor to function as a Referee Coach. Guy was able to explain the process of moving from a National referee up to an FIVB referee, a journey which include the work within the continent.  The best preparation is to have a constant revisit on the volleyball rules and regular consultation of the case study manual.  

Participants included the chairpersons of the National Referee commissions, National and International Referees from the CAZOVA and ECVA Zones.  Besides this session, the CAZOVA Referees' Commission has a weekly session that is used to review the rules of the game and discuss game situations among it core referee members. The hope is that once the volleyball season resumes the team will be ready to work.



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