Carlos Beltran will run for re-election in COPUR

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, October 10, 2020 – NORCECA Vice President Carlos J. Beltrán has been confirmed as one of the seven members of public interest of the Puerto Rican Olympic Committee (COPUR) in a voting process that took place on Saturday.


Saturday 10 de October del 2020 16:00 PM

Beltran, who has been general secretary of the Puerto Rican Olympic Committee will look for his fourth election to the Executive Committee during the elections to be held next October 31.

In the past Beltran has been president of the Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation as well as president of the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Commission. He is currently in charge of NORCECA TV and Marketing Advisor of the presidency of the volleyball governing body. 

The winning candidates certified by the Electoral Commission are, besides Beltrán, Sara Rosario Velez, Edgardo Rivera, Ivelisse Echevarría, Jorge O. Sosa Ramírez, Luis Rivera and Víctor López.

“We will continue with the process until October 31 with all the measures taken to protect everyone from pandemic Covid-19. This situation has not been an obstacle to follow the rules and statutes. We only have changed the logistic to secure the health of all participants,” said Victor Ruiz, president of the electoral commission.

Now the electoral process allows Beltran to register his candidature with the endorsement of five federations. The candidates to the Executive Committee of the COPUR can register their candidatures from October 12 to October 21.

Beltrán has been General Secretary of the Puerto Rican Olympic Committee under the presidency of David Bernier (2008-2012) and Sara Rosario (2012-present).

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