President Sabio takes first measures at the helm of AFECAVOL

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, January 6 2020 - AFECAVOL President Felix Ambrosio Sabio took his first measures in front of the institution seeking for a more dynamic organization.

Tuesday 07 de January del 2020 08:00 AM

Sabio has named Profesor Jose Luis Jiménez Lao as Administrative Secretary of the organization, a non-elective position and one of many new guidelines that Sabio wishes to put in action for his work 2020-2023 work plans while recently elected president during the General Assembly past December.

Jiménez Lao, Secretary of the NORCECA Volleyball Confederation, has a long and successful know-how in volleyball while being appointed by the FIVB and NORCECA as technical delegate for world, Pan-American, continental and Central American championships, showing great skills.

"Jose Luis contribution for volleyball in our zone cannot be taken for granted; his support in programs for developing AFECAVOL must continue from a position that will benefit our National Federations, guaranteeing the well conduction of our Central American championships, as well as executing programs that as president I am committed to put underway," Sabio said.

Among other tasks, the Administrative Secretary will be advisor for the presidency and general secretary of AFECAVOL, reporting directly to President Sabio.

Another innovation adopted by Sabio is appointing AFECAVOL First Vice-President Allan Sharp of Belize in charge of Development programs of the region, with the mission of reviewing all competition regulations and creating a new image for AFECAVOL.

In addition, Second Vice-President Bertha Cuadra of Nicaragua has the great challenge to create the Central American Beach Volleyball Tour while being responsible of this discipline for the region.  



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