Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan recognizes Marte Hoffiz

SANTO DOMINGO - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan paid homage on Thursday to Dominican Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz in recognition of his valuable contributions to strengthen the ties between both nations.

Friday 30 de November del 2018 08:32 AM

The event took place during a luncheon at the residence of the ambassador of Japan to Dominican Republic His Excellency Hiroyuki Makiuchi attended by members of the Marte Hoffiz family, friends and relatives to the President of the NORCECA Volleyball Confederation and First Executive Vice President of the International Federation (FIVB).

The ambassador Makiuchi read in Japanese, and then in Spanish, the text of a parchment issued by the Japanese Chancellor S.E. Taro Kono, that was presented to the honoree highlighting his virtues as promoter of relations between the two countries.

He also recalled solidarity actions in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami of 2010 and how the Dominican Republic team was influential to make possible the 2011 Volleyball World Cup in Japan, as well as the promotion of Japanese sports industries through the sports competitions of the NORCECA Volleyball Confederation.

"Mr. Marte Hoffiz not only has been collaborating in the promotion of friendly matches between our countries but also contributing to the participation of the women's team of the Dominican Republic in all the international matches held in Japan. Thanks to that, the Dominican team is very familiar to the Japanese fans," Ambassador Makiuchi said.

In pronouncing his words of thanks, Marte Hoffiz recounted his participation in sports, social and cultural relations between Japan and the Dominican Republic from its beginnings to the present day. He took opportunity to express gratitude to the Japanese authorities for their support not only in sport but in other fields of industry and technology.

 "Siempre estoy con los brazos abiertos para apoyar cualquier iniciativa japonesa en nuestro país así como ellos están dispuestos a aprender de nuestra cultura," dijo en sus palabras.

"I am always with open arms to support any Japanese initiative in our country, as they are also willing to learn from our culture," said in his acceptance speech.

Ambassador Makiuchi and wife, along with high-ranking members of the Japanese diplomatic staff, welcomed the guests, including the Minister of Sports, Mr. Danilo Díaz, the President ad vitam of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Dr. José Joaquín Puello, Dr. Licelot Marte de Barrios and the administrative vice-minister of the presidency, Mr. Lionel Senior.

Also attending were the president of the Dominican Volleyball Federation, Ramón García, the president of the Association of Central American Volleyball Federations (AFECAVOL) Edgar Alvarado, as well as executives of the NORCECA Confederation.

The lunch served after the ceremony consisted of typical dishes of the traditional Japanese cuisine.



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