Nicaraguan women win AFEACOL Beach Volley Championship

BELIZE CITY, Belize, August 18, 2019 - Nicaragua's Nicaragua's Swan Mendoza and Lolette Rodriguez Saunders won the XIX Central American beach volleyball championship in Belize City on Sunday.

Sunday 18 de August del 2019 20:00 PM

Mendoza-Rodriguez displayed great court craft as they made short work of Guatemala's Natalia Giron and Estefanie Bethancourt 21-14, 21-14 in the final.

Nicaragua's Mendoza-Rodriguez overcame Costa Ricans Katherine Quesada Obando and Mariela Quesada 9-21, 21-19, 15-8 in the first semifinal.

In the other semifinal, Guatemala's Giron-Bethancourt triumphed over Honduras' Shanna Rivera and Cecille Johnson 21-14, 21-16.

Quesada-Quesada won the bronze medal match 18-21, 21-15, 16-14 over Rivera-Johnson.

The 40-year old Mendoza rejoiced in her victory, as she is approaching the end of her playing career. "I believe it is the first time we have ever been the champions of Central America! This has made it all worthwhile: our efforts with our coach, and with the Federation which makes the effort to send us to tournaments. I feel this is the best year we've ever had!

"What a rush!" Rodriguez said. "It's hard to stop from crying, after so much effort, so much sacrifice. To come so far, to play heart and soul, and leave it all on the court, in a climate which we haven't found too comfortable."




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