Mexico’s Sarabia/Stephens win at La Paz in first ever NORCECA Gold

LA PAZ, Mexico, June 9, 2019.- Mexico's Miguel Angel Sarabia and Raymond Stephens won La Paz Beach Volleyball Tournament in their first ever NORCECA Tour Gold Medal match 2-0 (21-15, 21-18) victory to Kyle Friend and Travis Mewhirter of United States.


Sunday 09 de June del 2019 21:34 PM

Miguel Angel Sarabia and Raymond Stephens were smart, showed confidence and did not miss the opportunity to move ahead from the start (5-2, 10-8, 17-11). They were tough over the net in the first set and despite USA's good defense they kept calm.

Kyle and Travis managed their best performance in set two, keeping the score always close and tied on numerous occasions. Mexico wasn't that dominant as the beginning as the game gained velocity. It was until reaching a two point lead (18-16) that Miguel Angel and Raymond pushed further.

"We are glad, grateful for the fans support" said Raymond Stephens. About their consistency while winning he expressed "we studied our opponent because we faced them in pool-play, we planned our strategy and executed it from the beginning".

For Miguel Angel Sarabia, the win comes from their great desire to win "we fought with all our energy, this is a preparation for the U-21 World Championship and we are taking a lot of experience. Raymond gives me confidence and I give energy, excitement, we are a good pair".

Winning back to back medals, Andy Leonardo and Luis Garcia of Guatemala reached their second podium of the season,  this time winning the bronze medal to Canada's Mathew Donovan and Fiodar Kazhamiaka 2-0 (26-24, 21-15). Andy and Luis won the silver medal in Nicaragua; as a team this is their fourth medal, they have two silver medals and two bronze.

Final Positions: 1. Miguel Angel Sarabia/Raymond Stephens (Mexico-A); 2. Kyle Friend/Travis Mewhirter (United States); 3. Andy Leonardo/Luis Garcia (Guatemala); 4. Mathew Donovan/Fiodar Kazhamiaka (Canada-B); 5. Ruben Mora/Dany López (Nicaragua); 6. Sebastian Valenciano/Andrey Quintero (Costa Rica); 7. Bryton Codd/Francis Hauze (Belize); 8. Jesus Alcazar/Francisco Tamayo (Mexico-B);  9. Angel Cardenas/Juan Espinoza (Mexico-C); 10. Liam Kopp/Gabriel Burlacu (Canada-A); 11. Carlos Escobar/David Vargas (El Salvador); 12. Richard Campebell/Nathan Dack (Cayman Islands); 13. Jon Isaacs/Muller Petit (Bahamas); 14. Jorday Lake/ Miguel Lopez (U.S. Virgin Islands); 15. Shawb Seabrookes/Everson Browne (St. Kitts and Nevis).


Men's Results Sunday:

Gold Medal: MEX-A d USA 2-0 (21-15, 21-18); Bronze Medal: GUA d CAN-B 2-0 (26-24, 21-15); Semifinals: MEX-A d CAN-B 2-0 (21-14, 21-14); USA d GUA 2-1 (20-22, 21-10, 15-9); 5-6: NCA d CRC 2-0 (21-17, 21-15); 7-8: BIZ d MEX-B (forfeit); 9-10: MEX-C d CAN-A 2-1 (21-10, 18-21, 15-7); 11-12: ESA d CAY 2-0 (21-16, 21-13); Placing matches: CAN-A d CAY 2-0 (21-5, 21-7); MEX-C d ESA 2-0 (21-11, 25-23); NCA d BIZ 2-0 (21-17, 21-12), CRC d MEX-B 2-1 (14-21, 23-21, 15-4).



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