Varadero welcomes fourth stop of NORCECA Beach Circuit

HAVANA, Cuba, May 8, 2019 - The international spa of Varadero returns to host the Norceca Beach Volleyball Circuit for the ninth consecutive year when the fourth phase takes place in the sands adjacent to the Barceló Solymar hotel from May 10 to 12.

Wednesday 08 de May del 2019 09:27 AM

Mireya Luis, methodologist of the Cuban Volleyball Federation and main organizer of the event since 2011, who inserted the island in this journey, reported that the presence of 16 duets of women and 18 of men is expected.

«The quality will be guaranteed, which mainly benefits the players who are preparing for the 2019 Pan-American Games in Lima, in which Cuba will fight for a decent performance after winning the women's silver and men's bronze in Toronto 2015.»

The vice president of the FIVB and the Executive Committee of the North, Central American and Caribbean Confederation, said that although the medalists in the continental contest in Toronto, Leila and Sergio, will attend this cycle with new couples, she hopes that the local representatives will fight side by side with adversaries from countries such as the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Canada.

A novelty will characterize this stop at Playa Azul, "there will be games in the morning until noon and after seven in the evening, we prepare all the conditions with a working team that performs those tasks on the beautiful stage. Thus they will have the opportunity to witness the game those who cannot do it during the day," said from the venue who was one of the best hall players in the world, three times Olympic champion.

Cuba will be represented by two pairs in each gender, led by Maylen Deliz-Leila Martínez, three golds in equal outings in this season 2019, and Sergio Gonzalez and Luis Enrique Reyes, bronze, silver and gold in that order in Aguascalientes, Cayman Islands and Nicaragua in its debut as an international duo.


Teams registered in Varadero:


1 CAN1- Marie Christine Lapointe-Amanda Harnett, 2 CAN2- Anna Dunn-Suen-Caleigh Cruickshank, 3 CUB1- Mailen Deliz Tamayo-Leila Consuelo Martínez Ortega, 4 CUB2- Yanisleidis Sánchez Vinet-Lidiannis Benites Echevarría, 5 CAY- Stefania Gandolfi-Ileann Pawery, 6 GUA-  Marie Paola Franco Alvarado-Estefanie Guerra Betancourth, 7 ISV- Manika Charles-Naomi Buckner, 8 JAM-  Smith Petal-Kai Wright, 9 MQE- Carle Herve Choux-Cristelle Choux, 10 NCA-Maria Elia Zeledon Machado-Eleonor Lolette Saunder, 11 PUR-Allanis Navas Sánchez-María González, 12 TRI-  Rheeza Grant-Malika Davidson, 13 USA1-Falyn Fonoimoana-Nicolette Martin, 14 USA2-Carly Wopa-Brittany Hochevar, 15 CRC-  Katherine V. Quezada Obando-Eugenia V. Ramirez Solano, 16 ESA-  Kataya B. Vasquez Menjivar-Fernanda Ma. Vargas Claros


1 CAN1- Sergiy Grabovskyy-Cameron Wheelan, 2 CAN2- William Hoey-Jake MacNeil, 3 CUB1- Sergio R. González Bayard-Luis Enrique Reyes Rodríguez, 4 CUB2- Yosvany Delgado Carrasco-Karell Piña Ventoza, 5 BAH-   Isaacs Jon-Wilson Kyle, 6 BIZ- Bryton Codd-Gabriel Núñez, 7 DOM- Víctor A. Castillo De Los Santo-Alex E. Medina Aquiles, 8 ESA-    David Vargas-Carlos Escobar, 9 GUA-  Andy A. Leonardo Blanco-Luis A. García Bethancourt, 10 ISV-  Miguel Jr. López-Jordan Lake, 11 JAM-Martin Blake-Mark Ryck Webb, 12 NCA-Alejandro R. Mora Romero-Denis J. López Ruiz, 13 PAN-Miguel J. González Tapia-Jason O. Quintero Lezcano, 14 PUR-Josue Rivera-Kevin López, 15 TRI- Daneil Williams-Daynte Stewart, 16 USA1-Troy Field-Ty Loomis, 17 USA2-Wiliam Kolisnske-Evan Miles, 18 CRC-Rihard O. Smith Hall-Sebastián Valenciano González


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