33 couples starting today at Varadero Norceca Beach

VARADERO, Cuba, May 10, 2019 - The fourth stop of the Norceca Beach Volleyball Circuit began in the sands near the Barceló Solymar Hotel with the participation of 33 couples, 17 of them men and in both gender divided into four elimination groups.

Friday 10 de May del 2019 14:00 PM

At 7 in the morning the General Technical Meeting took place, postponed the night earlier due to the arrival in the early hours of the last representatives of three countries.

Along with the two pairs by gender of Cuba and Canada, the pair of women's teams from the United States and some of the rest of the countries that have already achieved medals in the last two phases such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Trinidad and Tobago.

The hosts Mailen Deliz and Leila Martinez intend to conquer their fourth consecutive gold and to achieve it will constitute a record for the event of the champions in Aguascalientes, Cayman Islands and Nicaragua. They are precisely the defenders in this site where last year they started playing as a duo.

The same will go to the sands of the Blue Beach their fellows Sergio González and Luis Enrique Reyes, who already treasure a range of colors by obtaining in this order bronze, beach and gold, although both assured that their objective is none other than to conquer the throne.                                                  

«This is a square where we have always given great joy to our fans, this time will not be the exception», said Sergio, fifth in the Olympic Games of Rio 2016 who has five golds in Varadero, with Yaismel Borrel in 2011, Karell Peña the following year and Nivaldo Díaz from 2015 to 2018, with whom he won silver last year.

His new partner, the twenty-year-old Luis Enrique, does not want to lose the opportunity to demonstrate the rapport they has achieved despite having changed his position, since he was also a blocker and debuted together in this circuit, which since 2011 has been uninterruptedly celebrating a stop in Varadero, just over 130 kilometers from Havana.

The other duos from Cuba are also the experienced Karell Peña and the youngest Yosvany Delgado, as well as Yanisleidis Sánchez and Lidiannis Echevarría. Karell, playing alongside Daisel Quesada registered a record of three consecutive wins in the 2017 season.

You can find here other pairs who have been medalists this year, the Americans Falyn Fonoimoana-Nicolette Martin (bronze in the first two) and Brittany Hochevar-Carly Wopat (silver in the Cayman Islands); the Salvadorans Kathya Vásquez-Fernanda Vargas and the trinitarians Marlon Phillip-Daynte Stewart (bronze in the third) and the Nicaraguans Rubén Mora and Dany López (third in the Cayman Islands) and Lolette Rodríguez (silver in their country, now with another partner).



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