Bonaire is potential host of Beach Stop in 2019

BONAIRE, December 2, 2018 - "Gold is in the Sand" it is new development project of NORCECA that will promote beach volleyball development among NORCECA National Federation in category I and II. 

Monday 03 de December del 2018 14:00 PM

As such, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, President of NORCECA confederation and Mushtaque Mohammed president of CAZOVA journeyed to Bonaire to discuss the possibility of hosting a leg of the NORCECA Beach Continental Tour.

The President of Bonaire Volleyball Association Raymondo Saleh introduced his guest to the General Manager of Delfins Beach Resort, Mr. David Rietveld where discussion took place on using the exotic venue to host a beach event in 2019. 

President Marte explained the rationale of promoting beach volleyball in the Caribbean and further identified the possibility of having team form all of NORCECA 41 National Federations and regional members visiting Bonaire to play volleyball and also enjoying the beautiful environment of Bonaire.

NORCECA will provide support to the Bonaire National Federation to help promote the beach Volleyball product and to also have an additional location to host future Beach Volleyball Tournament. The project will involve the government of Bonaire support including NORCECA the collaboration with the National Federation of Bonaire and NORCECA. 

The hotel beach location was identified as being perfect to host two competition courts with lights and one training courts which will be perfect for hosting the beach tour. 

In conclusion, President Marte was extremely happy with the meeting and the potential of hosting the NORCECA tour here in Bonaire. The local association board members who were present included the president, Raymond Saleh, Vice president, Gisette Emer and technical director Jose Luis Nicholas who are all very anxious of the proposal to have an International Beach Volleyball Tournament on the Island.  David Rietveld is keen on welcoming the guests for the event and also pledged to work closely with the BoVoBo and the Tourism department of Bonaire to ensure that sufficient support is given to host the event in 2019.



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