Instructors have preparatory meeting before Refreshment Course

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, February 21, 2018 - The instructors of the NORCECA Referees' Refreshment Course met on Wednesday morning with Professor Nelson Ramírez, director of the NORCECA/FIVB Regional Development Center in the Dominican Republic in order to organize the working program and to verify the facilities on hand.

Wednesday 21 de February del 2018 17:30 PM

Willy Paredes of Argentina, president of the FIVB Refereeing Commission, and José Ramón Pérez Vento of USA and Guy Bradbury of Canada, president and secretary, respectively, of the NORCECA Commission, were received by Ramírez at the premises of the center in Santo Domingo. 

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Paredes said to be quite impressed with the facilities of the Center and congratulated all the staff for the quality of the organization for the course which will play a role model for the next time this type or activity is programmed. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Bradbury commented that the work carried out on Wednesday is a proof of the quality of the center and the reason it is considered the number one in FIVB.

Perez Vento said he hopes that with this three-day refreshment course the NORCECA referees will continue occupying important roles in volleyball at world level and he also paid tribute to NORCECA and the Development Center for their effort to fortify volleyball within the NORCECA region.

The course runs from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 of February and besides NORCECA is supported by the Ministry of Sports, the Dominican Olympic Committee and the Dominican Volleyball Federation.

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