We must bet on innovation to form and train our referees: Perez Vento

TIJUANA, Mexico, November 27, 2017 - The North, Central American and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation (NORCECA) has taken a big step in terms of formats and new ways to develop its seminars and workshops.

Monday 27 de November del 2017 17:00 PM

Such is the case of the most recent one focused on refereeing, which takes place at the Development Center in the city of Tijuana. "This is a precedent, because for the first time we decided to direct a course for judges and referees both indoor and beach volleyball at the same time," said José Ramón Pérez Vento, who is in charge of both seminars as course director.

The specialist who was born in Cuba and resides in Puerto Rico is the President of the Norceca Referees Commission, and has also been member of the FIVB's Rules of the Game and Referees Commission. Along with him, Norceca Referees Commission Secretary and FIVB Rules of the Game Commission Expert, Guy Bradbury form Canada, is in Tijuana supervising the work of the attendees from 11 countries.

"I want to thank the authorities of this beautiful center for the support and reception they have given us", added who has also been a pillar in Latin American and world volleyball alongside his brother Jorge (Olympic medalist in Montreal 76 and coach of several national teams).

"All of this helps us in the success of the course and for the moment it has been fantastic. At the same time the students talk about this great experience as well as the services provided," he said. 

The referees, who prepare here, have taken theoretical sessions but they already must have knowledge of the regulations and the changes that have been made in volleyball for the last years.

"It's a new style, you do not talk like you used to, you do not even discuss rule by rule. It is a more advanced course more towards the use of modern technology, "he said.

In fact, the candidates, who are national referees in their countries and seek certification to participate in international competitions both in the courtroom and on the beach, have the opportunity to use traditional tools, as well as novelties in the game. 

In the case of "indoor", nowadays the so-called electronic sheet is used, which is the record of every match annotations but on a tablet, which is linked to the entire information system of a game with updates in real time through of various online platforms. 

Especially in the qualifying competitions or world championships, this has been a very useful resource, according to Perez Vento. Fans, specialists and members of the press, have the opportunity to follow a match play-by-play as happened in the Olympics of Rio de Janeiro.

The electronic sheet, for example, was already used in Age-Group championships in both genders. Along with this, there is the use of video for the analysis of the plays and the review of every referee's performance in the meetings that take place during tournaments. 

"All the sounds and image materials are used. Videos are used to see and learn from mistakes made to correct them, and this is more practical so everyone can understand and use these experiences to achieve a higher level", said the specialist who also as a father has shared his knowledge with his son Josmer Perez Broche, who has followed Perez Vento's steps as international referee.

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