Sports Medicine, a key factor for Coaches in Level II course

TIJUANA, Mexico, November 20, 2017- Activities of the International Level II Course for coaches have been complemented with a special Sports Medicine lecture at the FIVB-Norceca Regional Development Center.

Monday 20 de November del 2017 10:00 AM

The lecture was presented by Dr. Carlos Jiménez Amaro, a leading Cuban specialist in Sports Medicine and responsible for the same area at the  Baja California Sports and Physical Culture Institute.


One of the main points of this work session consisted in the preparation of both players and game plans during training and competition initial cycles as well as the so-called macrocycles that are part of international tournaments.


Jiménez Amaro, who has a vast experience as a medical delegate in his native country and in other nations of the American continent, including Mexico, remarked how important is prophylactic and physiological knowledge, as well as prevention of injuries.


All these elements, he stated, are a good influence in both individual and   collective performances. "A synergy and constant communication between coaches and the specialists such as sports doctors, along with a multidisciplinary plan are key in achieving results," he explained.


The course activities continued with practical sessions on the court. Through them, the applicants to Level II continue with this learning process prior to the evaluations and certification tests that will take place in the final phase.

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