Coaches know the advantages of using Data Volley in Level II course

TIJUANA, Mexico, November 21, 2017 - As  part of the International Level II Course for coaches activities, some keynote lectures were held, among them the use of the Data Volley program.

Tuesday 21 de November del 2017 17:00 PM

This is a very powerful tool to analyze the performance of the volleyball teams for coaches.

The Data Volley conference was held by Jorge Romero, who has served as a statistician for Mexican women's youth teams. He is also part of the volleyball program of the Baja California Sports Institute , where he has also served as head coach of the Youth and Pre-Youth State Boys´ teams.

Due to its versatility,  Data Volley has become great use software for coaches and teams from basic or minor categories to senior teams in both genders.

Attending coaches knew a bit more about the interpretation of data and plays, as well as fundamentals' codification, as well as how to correct goals, both offensive and defensive.

On this occasion some of the most important points explained were about the advanced analysis that consists of setter distribution on court, the graphic and general analysis of the game, as well as the evaluation work by the use of a video camera and the reproduction of the recorded material.

Nowadays, the performance of a team both in practice and in competition is linked to the analysis of the statisticians, who have been incorporated crucially into teams' technical staffs.

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