Beneficial activities for coaches as International Level II Course closes in Tijuana

TIJUANA, Mexico, November 22, 2017 - Activities of the International Level II Course for Volleyball Coaches coaches were beneficial for attendees who gathered at the FIVB-Norceca Regional Development Center, located in the High Performance Center.

Wednesday 22 de November del 2017 09:00 AM

The coaches seeking certification had the opportunity to work with practical sessions, as well as different game systems and fundamentals. One of them was blocking and its different styles.

"Blocking system varies, it is referred to the strategy adopted by the blockers to oppose the rapid attack of the opponent," said coach and instructor Rubén Sainz. "We have for example the next ones: reading, priority and commitment," he said.

Different tools, such as the use of Data Volley, a program in charge of collecting the statistics of each game and player in real time, as well as a talk on Sports Medicine and some exercises on the court, were part of the dynamics that took part for five days.

The use of Data Volley, along with the VIS (Volleyball Information System) has been a great resource to interpret the performance of a team.

"Technology have advanced as well as many tools. Today we have many choices to work on," said the course director. "We can follow World championships, Olympic Games or competitions of the Olympic cycle, and new trends that are marked in volleyball," Sainz added.

"We have to live up to the expectations of those trends. As professionals, a lot of expectations must always be about us, because there are athletes who expect the best from us. We expect a level III certification in two or three years, and we must prepare for it as I hope this course has been very useful," the Cuban coach remarked.

On behalf of Baja California Sports Institute Director, Saul Castro Verdugo; and Norceca President, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, Center Operations Director, Alberto Arreola, congratulated the attendees and was in charge of the certification ceremony along with coach Sainz and José Paz, who served as training coordinator as well as Norceca Supervisor, Jacqueline Montes.

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